"Our family has worked with Marni for over three years. She has guided us through many health issues, including Hospice Care, for both of our elderly parents. Her compassion, understanding and knowledge are invaluable on a day to day basis, as well as during times of crisis. Along the way she has become an integral part of our family! Thank You Marni!"
- Private Client

"We have been happy to have Marni, a Gerontologist, in our area as a great resource for our clients. Her attention to detail coupled with her passion for patient wellness has been extremely rewarding for us."
- Kerry Gregory, Owner of Diversified Healthcare

"Marni has been a life-saver for me and my clients. It is good to know that I have somebody like her to refer my clients to when they are facing difficult situations with their elderly family members. I have the highest level of trust in both her medical knowledge and her ability to deal with difficult family circumstances."
- Mark Eiland, Regions Private Wealth Advisor

"Marni was a lifesaver to me and my family. I was given her name as a referral and it's a call I will never regret. My mother, who was dealing with progressing dementia, lived in Alabama and I lived in Oregon, about as far away as you can get, distance wise. Marni went above and beyond, creating a care plan, driving my mother to appointments, following up with me, filing paperwork, wrangling the HIPAA requirements of my mother's care and generally bringing me the greatest gift - peace of mind. My mother died not long after and through Marni, I feel like I was there with her, even for the moments when I couldn't be. Marni and I have never met, personally, but she will always be a part of my family."
- Deanna Jones

"What a complete pleasure it is to put in writing what a godsend Marni Kayer, gerontologist, has been to my family and me from the first moment I talked with her 8 or 9 months ago on an enthusiastic recommendation. Marni is the consummate professional but her manner is so genuine and caring that she has become a close friend. She, so thankfully, is in exactly the perfect place in this crazy world of my caring for 2 parents with dementia, a family of my own in another town, and a very demanding job. Marni is always insightful regarding all areas of elder care, but at the same time she respects our many emotions and keeps me grounded by gently reminding me to stay focused on what realistically what can be done in a day.
- Katherine Dantz "

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